Monday, 16 February 2015

How to write a Ludography.

Some days ago I had to write a ludography (which is the list of games taken into consideration, the lusory version of bibliographies and filmographies) for a chapter I'm co-authoring. As almost all the ludographies that I ever had read had different formats, and there is not a single, clear definition on how to write it I had to be somewhat creative, and create my own way of referencing based on Harvard Referencing (see here).

Note: even if some indication to how reference video games and computer programs do exist, I haven't found anything on analogue games.

The basic schema for referencing games is:

Authorship/developers (year)[eventual year of first publication] game title (version)[kind of game][support][platform] Distributor/publisher.

Here some examples:

Epic Games and Digital Extremes (2000)[1999] Unreal Tournament (GOTY edition)[videogame][CD-ROM][Microsoft Windows] Redversiongamer.

ArenaNet (2012) Guildwars 2 ("Point of no return" release, season 2)[videogame][download][Microsoft Windows] NCsoft.

Garfield, R. (2005)[1993] Magic The Gathering (Ninth edition)[trading card game] Wizards of the Coast.

Cook, M., Tweet J. and S. Williams (2003)[1974], Dungeons and Dragons: Player's Handbook (3.5 edition)[Role-playing game rulebook] Wizards of the Coast.

Perudo (2011)[traditional dice game] Giochi Uniti.

Darrow, C. and E. Magie (2008)[1903] Monopoly [Montcuq edition][Boardgame] Hasbro.

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