Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Gamer Grandma (and her Grandkids)

I was reading a paper about elderly gaming when I remembered a 60second documentary I saw once about an old lady who was a huge fan on Skyrim. You might have seen it too, as it went viral about an year ago, but if you haven't, here what I'm talking about:

I went in the comments section (if there's a video that can't attract haters is this one, right?) and I found this:

I immediately wondered: “Wait, are you telling me that she's a meme?”. I googled her and, BAM, I stumbled upon the best fanbase of the Internet. I was immediately in love.

Shirley Curry, a.k.a. Gamer Grandma, has a YouTube channel where she streams her Skyrim games (1 million views!) and, sometimes,  her treadmill strolls, some pretty good fan art and even a Steam group (that I immediately joined): GradmaShirley'sGrandkids (2631 members). The media also noticed her and wrote several pieces about her (e.g. here, here and here).

Gamer Grandma is also quite active on Twitter, and seem to bring out the best from people.

As every Grandma she's always an advice for her grandkids in distress .

By the way, she also have some rather good piece advice on how to deal with online bullying: “Older gamers leave me comments on my channel saying that they don’t even record because they’re afraid of getting nasty comments. Well, it isn’t anything to be afraid of — either ignore them or delete them! You have the power.

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