Videolectures & Seminars

In this page you can find the video recordings of some of my lectures and seminars, both in Italian and in English. The video quality is not always the best, but I still hope you can find them interesting...

Meetings on Meaning 2018, "Semiotics of the face" University of Turin:
    "I mille volti dell’Internet: Emoticon, Rage Comics e pareidolia"

 Meetings on Meaning 2017, "Aspectuality" University of Turin:
    "Sub specie ludi: Risemantizzazioni e debrayage nell'aspettualizzazione del gioco"

Meetings on Meaning 2016, "Virality", University of Turin - with Gabriele Marino:
    "Viralità e contagio: forme e dinamiche della propagazione online

Workshop "Mettiamo in Gioco la Città - Gamification Urbana e Cittadini Giocatori", University of Turin:
"The ADA effect. Giocare nelle città digitali per riscoprire gli spazi urbani analogici."

Meetings on Meaning 2015, "Conspiracy Theories", University of Turin:
"Complotti on-line: il caso #Gamergate"

12th World Congress of Semiotics in Sofia, Bulgaria:
"Toward a Semiotic Analysis of Toys"

Semiofest 2013 in Barcellona, Spain:
"Voyage in the Play-Sphere: considerations on play-semiotics"

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