Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Geek Udates
Thanks to this busy May today we will have a three-comics-in-a-row post, because Odde, the author of the Geek is apparently more prolific than me!
So, here you have the links, enjoy the comics:

Why do we play Games?
Back to semionerdy stuff after a long pause... I would like to share with you a video form V-Sauce on Games. V-Sauce is a YouTube channel that answer to every kind of questions, serious and “not so serious” always using science. The video on games, alas, it's not the better, but it's still interesting and entertaining.

PS in the video it speaks also about the word “nerd” so it definitively fits with this blog!

PPS if you like this kind of stuff look also for Minutephysics! ;)