Monday, 25 May 2015

Media Mutations 7 in Bologna.

Tomorrow I'll be in Bologna for Media Mutation 7 annual international meeting dedicated to communicative evolution. This year edition, entitled "Space Invaders. The impact of digital games in contemporary media ecosystems" seems to be perfect for my Lotmanian, semiotic approach! I prepared a bunch of colorful slides to make my semiotics more sexy and I'm ready to go! :)
I'll be glad to visit again the city of Towers (how is it possible that there is no Assassin's Creed set in Bologna? It would have been perfect! Well, in the meantime we have this, currently in kickstarter!).
I've to admit that I'm also quite exited to hear our keynote speakers, Tanya Krzywinska and Geoffrey Long (Peppino Ortoleva, in charge of the final remarks, is also very good, but I have the chance to see him quite often!).
I'm looking forward also to meet Gabriele Ferri - possibly the first "semiotician of video games" in the world - which since now I've only met on Skype...

Anyway, here you can find the program of the conference. My presentation (and my colorful slides) will wait you here in a couple of days!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Gamification and Urban Spaces in Turin.

The conference "Mettiamo in Gioco la Città - Gamification Urbana e Cittadini Giocatori" was held in Turin the 7th of May, and was quite a success.
You can find here some preview photos, for all the materials (videos, slides, book of abstracts and photos) see:

Professor Peppino Ortoleva the inventor of the term "Homo Ludicos".

Some of our public.

 The round table with Professor Guido Ferraro (president of the Italian Association for Semiotic Studies), Fabio Viola (international expert of gamification), Marco Mazzaglia (from Ovosonico), Agata Meneghelli (game semiotician and researcher) and Riccardo Fassone (from dotventi).

 ...and myself! =)