Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Turin Semiotic Atelier on Games is now on line!

The 18-19th nober of E|C, the journal of the Italian Association for Semiotic Studies is now available on line!

Atelier #2, Estetiche del Quotidiano, supervised by Prof. Massimo Leone is all dedicated to how games are changing our everyday life. Unfortunately it is only in Italian, but an English Book of Abstracts is also available.

The atelier's articles are:

Eleonora Chiais: I-dress e giochi del vestire. Appunti semiotici sulla ludicizzazione della moda 3.0.
Alessandra Chiappori: Romanzi cinguettati e contraintes virtuali. Come Twitter gioca e fa giocare con l’arte del narrare.
Elsa Soro: Mapping in love. Forme del desiderio e forme dell’incontro nelle dating app.
Simona Stano: Edo ergo ludo, ludo ergo edo. Forme di vita ed estetiche del quotidiano tra universo alimentare e dimensione ludica.
Mattia Thibault: Gioco e spazialità digitale. Percorsi ludici tra avenue digitali e realtà alternata.
Federica Turco: Io ballo sola. Dalla piazza alla casa, come cambiano le performance nei giochi per console e smartphone.

Monday, 16 February 2015

How to write a Ludography.

Some days ago I had to write a ludography (which is the list of games taken into consideration, the lusory version of bibliographies and filmographies) for a chapter I'm co-authoring. As almost all the ludographies that I ever had read had different formats, and there is not a single, clear definition on how to write it I had to be somewhat creative, and create my own way of referencing based on Harvard Referencing (see here).

Note: even if some indication to how reference video games and computer programs do exist, I haven't found anything on analogue games.

The basic schema for referencing games is:

Authorship/developers (year)[eventual year of first publication] game title (version)[kind of game][support][platform] Distributor/publisher.

Here some examples:

Epic Games and Digital Extremes (2000)[1999] Unreal Tournament (GOTY edition)[videogame][CD-ROM][Microsoft Windows] Redversiongamer.

ArenaNet (2012) Guildwars 2 ("Point of no return" release, season 2)[videogame][download][Microsoft Windows] NCsoft.

Garfield, R. (2005)[1993] Magic The Gathering (Ninth edition)[trading card game] Wizards of the Coast.

Cook, M., Tweet J. and S. Williams (2003)[1974], Dungeons and Dragons: Player's Handbook (3.5 edition)[Role-playing game rulebook] Wizards of the Coast.

Perudo (2011)[traditional dice game] Giochi Uniti.

Darrow, C. and E. Magie (2008)[1903] Monopoly [Montcuq edition][Boardgame] Hasbro.

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